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Learn Bulletproof Responsive Email HTML

Discover best practices, responsive strategies, email html architecture, workflow optimization, and more. Stop fighting your code and start creating.

Expect to Learn

Bulletproof HTML for Common Components

Email HTML is a different breed. But learn it once and you can code as fast for email as you do for the web.

  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Paragraphs
  • Lists
  • Tables

The Many Faces of Email CSS

Developers love CSS. It helps us DRY our code and keeps our designs consistent. Learn:

  • Which CSS to inline and why.
  • Different CSS limitations per email client and how to overcome them.
  • How to deal with ugly blue iOS auto-links.

Email HTML Architecture

Start your Email right and avoid debugging headaches tomorrow. Learn how to organize email layouts and components using tables.

  • When do you need extra tables for Microsoft Outlook?
  • Break down components like users profiles, product items, etc. using partials. Learn when and why to use a <table>, <tr> or <td>.

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I am commited to providing high quality content, including code examples, walkthroughs and screenshots to help you understand concepts - just like my blog.

Case Study

UX Munich: Responsive Email for Gmail and Android Too

Gmail strips out media queries and included <style> tags. Thus current standard practice is to force Gmail on Android to load full-width email. Can we still create responsive layouts for Gmail? Yes we can.

Responsive Email Case Study →

Walkthrough: Grids & Email

A Gmail first Strategy for Responsive Emails

Every email project is different. But when I create responsive emails that need to work in the Gmail App too, I fall back to the same strategy over and over.

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On Stage at REFRESH, Tallinn, Sept. 2015

Photo: Silver Gutman

Quality and Expertise

Learn from an expert, who has given many talks on Email Development.

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