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Goodbye Email. But why? You’ve been so good to me. I got to travel and speak at conferences. 95% of the traffic to this website goes to email articles. I still get inquiries for email development, although I have a job. So why? The answer lies in recognizing the difference between “learning” and “understanding”. →

Employed Again

10 Jul 2016

In the web industry, you mostly read about the benefits of leaving your job to freelance. But is it always the right choice? I had both successes and failures, as well as feast and famine as a freelancer. This is not career advice. This is my story, of how I left a job to pursue a dream and independence, and why I returned years later. →
I thought it would never happen to me. I pride myself in a healthy work-life balance, splitting my time between the computer and sports. However, what I thought was overuse from climbing was actually diagnosed as RSI in my wrist from typing. The past weeks have been amongst the most frustrating of my life. My orthopedist ordered 6-8 weeks of rest and a brace for my wrist. →
I use a static site generator not for the speed - but rather the flexibility. Today, when I decide to add new content to my website, I can map it with YAML as needed and skip having to create an Admin interface to manage my content. Skipping that management step means more content updates and less maintenance. →
Email HTML is simply tedious. Even if you code defensively to avoid common problems, you have to write more code and use more build steps than developing for the web. Here is how I’ve streamlined my workflow with ruby to code Emails as faster. →

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Tried of calculating the pixel widths and generating wrapper tables for Outlook? Need a responsive grid in Android? Try the Email Layout Calculator for FREE.

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Antwort Email Build System

What if managing emails were this easy?

$ antwort build --partials receipt create build/receipt/source/inline.css create build/receipt/source/include.css create build/receipt/source/receipt.html create build/receipt/receipt.html create build/receipt/_product.html

Optimize your email development workflow with:

  • Development server with Live Reload
  • Partials for re-usable components
  • Build process with flawless CSS Inlining
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