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It’s been for over a year since we started our Agile Training Centers. At first, it was exciting working like a startup on real and complex enterprise level problems. But often it is frustrating. Why are we still so slow as an organization? After my collapse at MunichJS, I started to understand why and what role I play. →
In the midst of giving a talk at MunichJS on August 3rd, I collapsed in public and at work, since we were hosting the meetup. At one point I turned blue from lack of oxygen. Many people would want to forget, not me. I started writing this for myself, and in story form to piece together what happened. I also wanted to sort the thoughts in my chaotic mind to learn from my mistakes. →

Running on Passion

31 Jul 2017

Last week Thursday Refresh Munich held a “Running on Passion” event where two developers showed how passion comes through in their work, as a music producer and as a hobby game developer. It was that same passion that brought my Refresh co-founders Elias, Sebastian, Dana and I together in 2011. Designer and developer were neither roles nor job titles to us. It was passion. →

Switching Off

11 Jun 2017

Passion is a double-edged sword. I am fortunate to love my profession. But those closest to me will sometimes ask, “can we talk about something besides work?” In other words, I am a workaholic, who needs an off swtich. →

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Antwort Email Build System

What if managing emails were this easy?

$ antwort build --partials receipt create build/receipt/source/inline.css create build/receipt/source/include.css create build/receipt/source/receipt.html create build/receipt/receipt.html create build/receipt/_product.html

Optimize your email development workflow with:

  • Development server with Live Reload
  • Partials for re-usable components
  • Build process with flawless CSS Inlining
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