Julie Ng


Letting Go

2 Apr 2017

This morning I opened a shared library that I started a few weeks ago. It was broken. But the tests are green. Take a deep breath, I tell myself at least once a week. This is your corporate life now. Let it go and let them learn. →

Still a Designer

11 Dec 2016

I don’t like job titles. They have never accurately described what I do. As a polygot with many, often interdisciplinary skills, I find job titles limiting. But humans like to categorize things. But how do we categorize our identity? →
Goodbye Email. But why? You’ve been so good to me. I got to travel and speak at conferences. 95% of the traffic to this website goes to email articles. I still get inquiries for email development, although I have a job. So why? The answer lies in recognizing the difference between “learning” and “understanding”. →

Employed Again

10 Jul 2016

In the web industry, you mostly read about the benefits of leaving your job to freelance. But is it always the right choice? I had both successes and failures, as well as feast and famine as a freelancer. This is not career advice. This is my story, of how I left a job to pursue a dream and independence, and why I returned years later. →
I thought it would never happen to me. I pride myself in a healthy work-life balance, splitting my time between the computer and sports. However, what I thought was overuse from climbing was actually diagnosed as RSI in my wrist from typing. The past weeks have been amongst the most frustrating of my life. My orthopedist ordered 6-8 weeks of rest and a brace for my wrist. →

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Email Layout Calculator

Tried of calculating the pixel widths and generating wrapper tables for Outlook? Need a responsive grid in Android? Try the Email Layout Calculator for FREE.

E-Mail Layout Calculator

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Antwort Email Build System

What if managing emails were this easy?

$ antwort build --partials receipt create build/receipt/source/inline.css create build/receipt/source/include.css create build/receipt/source/receipt.html create build/receipt/receipt.html create build/receipt/_product.html

Optimize your email development workflow with:

  • Development server with Live Reload
  • Partials for re-usable components
  • Build process with flawless CSS Inlining
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