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Although uncommon, there are valid reasons to have a monorepo - a single git repository for multiple projects, for example migration projects. Until yesterday, I thought this was not possible in Azure DevOps. →
Happy New Year! It’s 2020, a new year and time to write a looking back post. I stopped blogging personal things many years ago, figuring I had grown out of self-centered ramblings on the public internet. I still feel that way. →
The JavaScript ecosystem and how it stores modules locally in the project can be frickle. Especially when coming from another language, many developers will struggle with dependency hell in Node.js. Let’s look at some best practices to avoid that. →
It’s been for over a year since we started our Agile Training Centers. At first, it was exciting working like a startup on real and complex enterprise level problems. But often it is frustrating. Why are we still so slow as an organization? After my collapse at MunichJS, I started to understand why and what role I play. →
In the midst of giving a talk at MunichJS on August 3rd, I collapsed in public and at work, since we were hosting the meetup. At one point I turned blue from lack of oxygen. Many people would want to forget, but not me. I started writing this for myself and in story form to piece together what happened. I also wanted to sort the thoughts in my chaotic mind to learn from my mistakes. →

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As a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft, I often create public demos for building modern cloud native applications Azure.

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