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Start Your Tree Wizard

As part of a homepage test, this start your tree wizard was created for a Janaury 2010 Homepage Test. It allows you to start a family tree with yourself and immediate family members and quickly provides some teaser family name search results.

Learn as you go

I designed and developed this project from the initial wireframes and design in Illustrator to the object oriented Flash project. I am especially proud of this project not only because of the short turnaround time - 4 weeks, but also because I learned much of the actionscript design patterns as I went and still managed to maintain readable and organized code.


We tested this in 3 markets in 3 languages, so the language files are loaded dynamically from XML. The widget also exports the family tree data in XML so it can be saved. Search results are also dynamically loaded via XML calls.

Try the demo to experience this dynamicism of this project for yourself.

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Design, User Experience, Flash, Actionscript 3.0