Julie Ng

Julie Ng

Getting to 27 hours into a day

Do you remember when you were in high school? You got up everyday at 5am, juggled five extracirrcular activities, including JV basketball and the school newspaper. You went to bed at 12am after hours of homework. You were invincible. Somehow, you fit 27 hours into the day.

Ten years later, I wonder how you did it. Well, of course I know. You didn’t have a full time job. No, school doesn’t count. You didn’t have to choose between cleaning the apartment and living in your own mess. What chores? Mom did everything.

So what’s stopping your now? Who, me? Yes, you.

Get up at 6:30am for your runs. Off day? Work on your own projects before work. Don’t wait until the weekend to clean your apartment. Do it on that evening when you’re brain-fried from work anyway. Buy groceries and run errands in your lunchbreak. Every now and then, turn off the computer, close the lid and go outside. Oh, hello!

Yes, I’m talking to myself.