Julie Ng

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CI/CD, Jenkins, Pipelines, E2E Testing, JavaScript, NodeJS

Full stack CI/CD Demo

This full stack demo is a selected slice of the cloud stack used at Allianz Germany, featuring Jenkins, Selenium Hub, Artifactory and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This demo uses a JavaScript stack to demonstrate CI and CD, the latter which can be coordinated via git workflows.

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Event-Driven-Architecture, NodeJS, Express, RabbitMQ, Docker, VueJS

Chunked Uploads Service

This proof-of-concept was created as a teaching tool to show developers how to upload 50 MB in chunks for a better user experience. The key is to use event driven architecture and a mix of REST, for fetching correlation IDs and Messaging for everything else. The project includes a working frontend served via a nginx server to a middleware connected to workers via RabbitMQ. The whole stack can be run locally with a simple docker-compose up --build and includes a walkthrough in the readme.

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JSDoc, JavaScript, API documentation, autogeneration

JSDoc Template - tidy

Developers spend a lot of time reading documentation. Well designed documentation lets developers find answers and deliver business value faster.

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Ruby, CLI, Build Systems, Automation

Antwort Build System & CLI

Speed up your email design and development workflow:

  • design in code with live preview
  • build html and inline css from multiple templates
  • upload images to content server (S3 only)
  • send email tests via SMTP
  • includes email-specific markup helpers, e.g. image_tag.

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$ antwort build --partials receipt create build/receipt/source/inline.css create build/receipt/source/include.css create build/receipt/source/receipt.html create build/receipt/receipt.html create build/receipt/_product.html
Design, Backbone.js

Email Layout Calculator

Creating a grid for a responsive Email layouts without media is tough, but mostly tedious. Let this calculator do the math for you and generate the HTML for you.

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UX, Design, Frontend, Rails

Learntoquestion Discussions Software

Sometimes it is necessary to build your own solution. In the case of Boston Latin School, small UX hurdles multiplied by 120-155 students result in hours lost for a teacher on a regular basis. Let's change that and build a beautiful piece of software too.

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Design, JavaScript, Rails

Janus Projekt Website

Using Google Maps, the Janus Projekt website helps the Ancestry.com Deutschland content acquisition team illustrate their increasing catalogue and pursue new partners. The team independently manages website content and partners via an admin interface.

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UX Design, Frontend Development

Ancestry.de: User Onboarding Optimization

User experience is the whole package, not just information architecture, research, UI or design alone. In this project, I did user research and anaylsis, design and prototyping for a new user onboarding experience, tailored to the German market.

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  • 1 Homepage
  • 2 Enter ancestor name
  • How to convince privacy conscious Germans to reveal more information?
  • n Search Results Page


Selected projects from my early years as a web designer


Sr. User Interaction Designer

2008 - 2011

Start Your Tree Wizard

Created a start your family tree wizard in Flash that integrates family name facts and basic search results.

Mundia Blog

Design and Wordpress template development for the Mundia blog.